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    2Remember keeps your memories

  • Organize, visualize and search your business and private documents
  • Remember notes, documents, receipts, bills, prescriptions, offers, contracts and more
  • Access your memories anytime, anywhere – on smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • We respect user privacy! No collecting of personal data! No ads, no spam!

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The problem: Too many things to remember, too many places to keep them…

  • Something to remember? Memo to take? Note to create? Just take a note or remember the important things!
  • Personal docs, bills, invoices, contracts, memos, lists, certificates, ID cards, diplomas, prescriptions, warranty cards and many more;
  • No common way or place to keep important things;
  • Often we cannot find specific memory in the right time.

The Solution: Mokobi 2Remember

  • 2Remember the "whole picture" - not just photos, text, video and audio, but also the people involved, location and events at that time;
  • Keep meetings, memos, ideas, documents, business, work, lists, licenses, certificates, ID cards, diplomas, prescriptions, warranty cards, tax notices, bills, contracts, tickets, travel docs and many more;
  • Store photos, videos, audio notes, text notes and documents of your private and professional life;
  • Share memories with family, friends and colleagues (if you want);
  • 2Remember quickly describe and easily discover multitude of memories through years, locations, persons and meaning;
  • 2Remember organize, connect and visualize thousands of memories over the map and on a timeline;
  • Powerful search within locations, events, persons (contacts) and tags (key words);
  • 2Remember securely keeps memories in smartphone or in Mokobi Memory Server (Pro version);
  • Never lose your memories! Keep them close! Find them fast!

2Remember more features:

Au2Remember: Personal Logbook - automatically remembers today: Phone calls, SMS, Events

  • Phone Calls – In/Out/Missed/Rejected (record when and where);
  • SMS – Sent/Received/Content (remember when and where);
  • New events in your calendar (remember when the event was created).
  • More info at: 2Remember Help

  • My2Remember: 2Remember Web Interface

    • Web interface for powerful memory creation, search and visualize;
    • See your memories in different views (timeline, map and tabular) on large screen and comfortable keyboard/mouse of desktop PC;
    • Share memories - with friends, colleagues - via mail, social networks etc.
  • See example (no need to register)

  • My2Remember: 2Remember MailMemory

    • Send mails (to/cc/bcc) to your unique 2Remember address and create memories;
    • Memorize important mails and prove you sent them on time (Because memories recorded by 2Remember cannot be deleted or modified without a trace).
  • More info at: 2Remember Help

  • Store memories in the cloud: Why Sync

    • Device independence. Ease your life in a world that depends on numerous devices - phones, tablets and computers. Never lose your memories!
    • Use the most convenient device - at work or at home - large screen and comfortable keyboard on desktop PC. On the go – mobile phone or tablet. Access your memories anytime, anywhere;
    • Protect your memories in the event of device loss, damage or theft.
  • More info at: 2Remember Help

    Use Cases

    • Meeting and class memos – Remember each sketch, text, picture, audio and text note of your meetings and classes. Share with participants;
    • Take rich format notes;
    • Digital copy of important documents - Shoot images of your: ID cards, licenses, certificates, deeds, warranty cards, insurance policy, contracts, offers etc. Keep them always with you, use or share them if necessary;
    • Improve real estate search with multimedia memories;
    • Organize trips – keep everything related in a single container – reservations, passports, tickets, insurance;
    • Take audio notes on the go – never miss an idea, add multimedia – text, photos and video;
    • Keep close offers, invoices, customer correspondence and contacts, contracts and everything related to your business activities;
    • Keep bills, invoices, receipts from your holiday and business trips, mileage counters - great for claiming expenses back;
    • Store business cards, street addresses, interesting objects – great if you want to process them later;
    • Keep photos of any prescription medicines you take;
    • Keep food recipes on the go;
    • Remember and share that bottle of fantastic wine you had in a restaurant;
    • Remember of which floor of a multi-store car park you’re on;
    • Remember the lids of paint tins in case you need to do some touch ups;
    • Recall on time important documents related to your car, home, work - replacing supplies at certain mileage or time; renewal of contracts, insurance and subscriptions.

    2Remember Manifesto

    • Dear customer, we want to help you to remember the important things, to work more easily and live better.
    • We store your memories honestly and responsibly without tracking.
    • We use the best industry procedures and technologies to ensure the security of your memories.
    • We generate profits by developing our service, not by selling advertising or information about you.

    How to create memory? Simply and quickly:

      < 10 sec: Less than ten seconds to describe the memory!

    • 2Remember automatically determines location and connects current event (if any) from your calendar with the new memory record;
    • Select participants (the ones related to the memory);
    • Use predefined tags for quick memory description;
    • Add memory content: photo, video, audio and text note / notes.
  • More info at: 2Remember Help